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Guitars for Sale

Finding The Right Guitar For You

April 4th, 2012

Any guitar that you purchase needs to work well for the way that you play and the kind of music that you enjoy. Choosing the wrong type of instrument can negatively affect how you sound when you play, so it is an important choice. This article can help you decide on a guitar that reflects your own personal style.

Initially, it is important to think about whether you want an acoustic, classical or electric guitar. While acoustic and classical guitars look alike, they are actually very different. The tone of an acoustic guitar is loud and bright; classical guitars are much more muted in comparison. Classical guitars, because of the shape of their necks, are a little more conducive to finger-picking. If an electric guitar is more your style, pay attention to what kind of pickups it has. You want to select one that flows with your style of music.

It is important to also consider the differences between single-coil pickups and “humbuckers”. Single-coil pickups sound “brighter” and work well for those who play without distortion. They can be loud. Humbuckers, in contrast, play well with distortion, making them perfect for rockers. Think about the kind of music that you want to play, and make your decision based on that.

While color is not the most important factor when choosing a guitar, it certainly plays a role. Having an attractive instrument will encourage you to pick it up and play it more often. It can also set the tone for your performance. Selecting a guitar with a unique color or design will not cost that much more, so have fun choosing something that is right for you.

In the same way that size is important when you are buying clothes, size plays a factor in choosing a guitar. It is important to select an instrument that suits how big (or small) you are. If you purchase a guitar that is too large, you won’t feel natural when playing. Similarly, an instrument that is too small will make you appear bigger than you are and cause you to feel self-conscious. Speak with a sales associate if you need help in determining which guitar is the right size for you.

Matching your personality to the guitar that you buy is crucial to helping you achieve the sound that you want. Take the information provided in this article, and use it to go out and find the right instrument for you.

What to Check Before Buying an Electric Guitar

January 16th, 2012

An electric guitar is an investment. If you choose a good quality guitar, you’ll enjoy it for years to come and may even be able to make some money playing in a band. However, if you buy a poor-quality electric guitar, it will fail to work properly or stop working soon after you purchase it. Don’t waste your money on a cheap guitar; check the guitar thoroughly before you purchase it.

Check the guitar’s wood for flaws. If there are scratches, cuts or cracks, the guitar won’t sound right when you play it. The wood is a more important part of the guitar than you might think. Different woods offer different sound velocity; some woods slow the sound down while others do not. If there are cracks or flaws in the wood, the sound won’t be uniform because it will travel faster through the cracks than through the non-cracked part of the wood.

Furthermore, cracks in the wood indicate shoddy craftsmanship. If the manufacturer didn’t take the time to make sure the wood was perfect before shipping the guitar to the retailer, he might not have paid attention to other important details. You should think twice before purchasing a guitar with defects because you might discover more serious problems after you’ve been playing it for a while.

One basic rule of playing the electric guitar is that the electronics need to be quiet. The guitar should not hum, crackle, buzz or make other extraneous noise when you plug it in. These types of noises can distract you while playing and distort your sound.

Test the guitar out on a couple of different amps. Some electric guitars work well with one type of amp, but crackle or buzz when plugged into a different amp. You may want to reconsider your purchase if this is the case because if your favorite amp breaks or you have to use an amp provided by a venue, you can’t risk your guitar making extraneous noises.

Buying an electric guitar is more complicated than it may seem. Even if you just want to play the guitar for fun, you have to learn how to check a potential purchase’s quality. You won’t get much enjoyment out of a low-quality guitar and will probably stop playing it. Checking the wood and the quality of the electronics will give you a good idea of whether the guitar is right for you.

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Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Guitar

January 16th, 2012

Musical instruments can vary tremendously in terms of their quality. This is particularly true of electric guitars. Experienced musicians can pick out a good instrument practically just by seeing it out of the corner of their eye. Less accomplished players, however, are seldom as capable. The intent of this article is to outline the features that you need to check in order to insure the instrument you are considering purchasing is in good enough shape that it will not give you problems trying to learn to play.

There are, of course, certain brand names of electric guitars that are better quality than others. Fender and Gibson, for example, both typically excellent guitar makes. A brand name alone, however, does not ensure that the guitar is in good condition. This is particularly true when you are looking at used guitars for sale. Electric guitars cannot withstand a lot of abuse. Even just regular use, in fact, can have a detrimental effect over time if the instrument is not adequately maintained.

The first thing to look at when examining a guitar for sale is how straight the neck is. You also want to make sure the neck is still tightly secured to the body, that there is no play at the joint. Turn the guitar on its edge and sight from one end to the other of the neck. If the neck is bowed, you probably ought to pass on buying that particular instrument. When examining a guitar, the next thing of importance is the tuning pegs and the frets. The frets should be smooth from one end to the other and be of a consistent height. The gears of the tuning pegs should not show signs of corrosion and they should function smoothly. There should be no clicking when you turn the keys and the strings should tighten and stay tight.

The electronics are the next to last thing that should be checked when buying an electric guitar. Check out the output jack to make sure it is functional, and test all of the tuning knobs and switches. Listen to the guitar when it is plugged into an amp to ensure there is no cracking, humming, or other undesirable noise. Play the guitar using different amps if possible, and make sure you like the sound.

The last thing you should check when inspecting an electric guitar is its overall appearance. Do you like the way it looks? Does it look like it has been taken care of? Are there any deep scratches or other blemishes that distract from either its aesthetic or monetary value?

By carefully considering each of the factors above, you will be much more assured of getting an electric guitar that you will be happy with. Not only will it look good, it will be of a good enough quality that you can learn to play without being hampered by inferior equipment. When it comes time to sell the instrument, you will be assured as well of getting the fair market value.

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Fender Guitar – A Rock-n-Roll Legend!

December 26th, 2011

“Fender” is the dream of every lover of the guitar. It’s one of the most popular guitars, being used by many guitarists. Before going to buy one of the various types of fender guitar, let us take a overview of the Fender musical instruments corporation.

Arizona is the home of this guitar manufacturer. The wild success of Fender’s “Stratocaster” and “Telecaster” guitars has helped it’s rise to fame. A solid body is a feature of both of these electric guitars. Even though many popular brands of electric guitars are on the market today, the reputation and likability of Fender is without comparison.

To date the Fender guitar is at the top of the popularity list is the Fender Stratocaster. The Stratocaster is a solid body electric guitar which features a maple neck and maple, rosewood or ebony fret board. This versatile instrument also has three single-coil pick-ups. The Stratocaster is known for being able to produce a very diverse spectrum of sounds. Eric Clapton, George Harrison, and many other guitar greats have chosen to use Fender guitars.

Likewise, another well-known Fender guitar is the “Fender Telecaster“. This electric model has two single-coil pick-ups. The Telecaster is popular for its prominent sound quality. Even today, after almost six decades of its birth, the Telecaster continues to impress millions with its crystal clear sound. Many beautiful melodies have been developed on the Fender Telecaster.

Fender manufactures other electric models like the “Fender Esquire”. Designed in 1950, the Esquire had one single-coil pick-up. This guitar is also a solid body guitar. Though essentially being a single pick-up guitar, the Fender Esquire never failed to impress the audience with its perfect tone and melody.

If you know the type of sound quality you want in a guitar, then it’s not hard to select a Fender guitar to meet your needs. Fender electric guitars are available worldwide, plus there are many online music stores where you can purchase Fender guitars for sale.