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Electro Acoustic Guitar: Read This Before Buying!

by Daniel Wright

What kind of music do you like? Classic rock? Folk? How about jazz? Classical? Country? Hip-hop? New age? Music has always been one of the most beloved pastimes enjoyed almost universally, but some people do not know how many similarities exist among these styles. For example, did you know that virtually all the genres listed above make use of at least one electro acoustic guitar?

The guitar is very versatile, and the existence of the electro acoustic guitar proves that. This instrument can be used to play a variety of song styles - everything from soothing meditations or lullabies to invigorating rock and roll anthems. You can use the instrument's acoustic capabilities to complement any low-key musical composition, or if you're looking for something more attention-grabbing, you can use it as electric.

The main difference between acoustic guitars and electric guitars is that the former can be played without an amplifier or cables. Thus, the acoustic has been traditionally used in genres that call for a quieter, more soothing sound. It is sometimes played with a guitar pick, or sometimes strummed with the fingertips. Either way, its tones are mellow and calming.

The electric requires an amplifier and cable to connect it to the guitar. It is almost always played with a pick. The electric can arguably be used to create a greater range of sound styles than the acoustic, because it has one important advantage: it can be used with an effects pedal.

The pedal is placed between the instrument and the amp. When pumped during a performance, it alters the tones from the instrument. One of these alterations involves overlaying the signal with a copy of itself a fraction of a second later. This pedal effect, sometimes referred to as "distortion" can be found on many popular recordings these days.

This difference is significant, but there is a way of bridging the gap: the electro acoustic guitar. This guitar frequently looks like an acoustic, but it has what is called a "pick up" that allows the musician to plug his instrument into an amplifier. The musician can thus achieve the best of both worlds: he marries the soothing tones of the acoustic with the effects and volume possibilities of the electric. For any player who wants to bridge genres, the electro acoustic guitar is a must-have!

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